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The Sage of Kanchi


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Kanchipuram situated in the southwest of Chennai about two hours drive from the City is home to over a 1000 temples, no wonder called the temple town of Tamilnadu and a haven for a religious tour and pilgrimage and has the privilege of housing the famous Kanchi Mutt where one of the worlds greatest saints, Kanchi ParamAcharya lived and blessed.

The Sage of Kanchi who lives for a hundred years , walked the length and breadth of India visiting the remotest areas bestowing his love and grace on it's teeming millions.He was an encyclopedia of knowledge of diverse subjects, and his wisdom and humanism was legendary. His life was exemplary, transparent and pure. Soft-spoken, subtle, humble, he spoke the language of a scholar and a humble man with equal ease.

He met everyone without any distinction. in his conversation , as in his discourses he could put profound messages into simple language. At will he would go into prolonged total silence and lapse into deep meditation. For his followers and admirers he was Divinity in human form. A mere dharsan of Him ( a Sanskrit word that denites " to see and be seen by a deity or a holy person" ) had the potential to transform them to higher realms.

The 68 th Pontiff of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt , Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, referred to in reverence as Maha Periyava , Paramacharya, has enriched the life of several devotees with his grace and preachings. A mere dharsan of him and deep prayers have always shown a guidance on the spiritual path for many a devotee.

Kanchi Periyava - His obvious spiritual achievements that made him unique.
It is his live, his grace, his simplicity , his subtlety and his extraordinary spiritual eminence that made him a ruler of hearts and souls of many. His mere presence , or ven a thought of Him invokes the purest and noblest of feelings within his devotees.

The Sage of Kanchi is on who lived and functioned as an instrument of God and a surrender to the higher power permits divinity to radiate through humans.

Kanchipuram is blessed to house this great saint for many years as much as it is an important tourist destination with temples of historic importance. No trip to Chennai cam be complete without a visit to Kanchipuram.